Pest Control Services in Houston, TX

Southwest Exterminating offers the best service and the lowest prices. If you are looking for personalized pest control services that meet your needs, contact us today. Below are a few of the pest control services that we offer to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

We Provide Services For:

  • Roaches & Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Rats & Mice
  • Fleas
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Live Animal Trappings
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly Service
  • One-Time Service Available
  • Termites & Moisture Control
  • Radio Dispatched for Faster Response
  • 100% Organic Chemicals Available

Bee Control

Bee Control — Pest Control Services in Houston, TX
Bees are very beneficial insects to the environment. They pollinate flowers and trees, which are essential to our ecosystem. However, when bees enter homes or businesses they become a serious threat. If someone gets too close to homes or other buildings they may attack. They can live in attics, inside walls, ceilings, or other structural voids. If you believe that you are having a bee problem, contact us today!

Mosquito System & Control

During the summer and fall, mosquitoes can be a real annoyance. Standing water from potted plants, lakes, creeks and ponds are the perfect breeding ground for them. Do you have an overwhelming amount of mosquitoes around your property? If so, we can help. Contact the professionals of Southwest Exterminating today!

Do-It Yourself Chemicals

Call today to order do-it-yourself chemicals. Let our knowledgeable staff advise you on the proper selection and use of pest control chemicals. This service provides an economical option for long-term pest control.